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Hello everybody

I'm busy with a little portfolio website for myself, but I'd like to have it in two language: dutch and english.

At the moment, everything is working, but I could use some hints and have some questions.

My uri's look like this:

My routes.php config file:
$route['en(.*)'] = 'content$1';
$route['nl(.*)'] = 'content$1';

My default controller, Content:
class Content extends Controller {

    function Content()
        if($this->uri->segment(1) === FALSE) {
        $languages = array('en' => 'english', 'nl' => 'nederlands');
        $language = $languages[$this->uri->segment(1)];
        $this->config->set_item('language', $language);

I also use a MY_url_helper.php with a rewritten anchor function that adds nl or en in front of urls depending on what is currently set in the config item.

I was wondering if anyone had anything to mention about my way: possible caveats, bugs or anything else.

Now I have one remaining question: at the moment, all my method names are in Dutch, thus forcing English speaking visitors to see urls as It's a matter of semantics, I know, but I'd like to translate the method names too. Copying the content controller and renaming the method names seems a bit against the DRY principle.
Am I correct to assume a _remap function is the way to go here?