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Full Version: Get orientation (landscape/ portrait) of image
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Maybe I'm overlooking something in the CI docs (and PHP docs), but is there an easy way to get the orientation of an image?

Basically I want to know whether an uploaded imagefile is portrait or landscape, and then resize it accordingly.

Any ideas?


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[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
If you use CI Upload-library use $this->upload->data() (which returns an array) and check it for key "image_width" and "image_height".

If width > height then image is landscape, if width < height then image is portrait.
If width = height then image is square! Smile

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Yeap .. The upload library does the trick. I was searching for image_width and image_height in the image library. This works great.


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I forgot upload class had it. I knew it was somewhere. I was going to suggest the php getimagesize function.