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Full Version: Use codeigniter objects in an external php file
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[eluser]Bernat Bonet[/eluser]
I want to use language codeigniter libraries (the loaded object) in an external php file.
I ask if the only way to do this is to inclide in that file the path to language libraries, or is there a way to pass to the file both language selected and the object $this->lang.

If I localize the file in application/views/folder, will this file heredade codeigniter objects?

Now I'll explain the subject I want to do:

I've js files defining gui interface and I want to write only one js file per language and the language fields will be assigned dynamically with language files.

I've a controller that process the file and generate js file in the selected language, but the problem is that I need to include language files and I want to use codeigniter libraries language.

Thanks a lot.