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Full Version: Dealing with parents and children in databases
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I have a single table database structure that I'm trying to manage through PHP. Each record is a container that could have other records within it. So there is an auto-incrementing id for the record that is associated to sub records via the parentid column. Essentially 1 record could have 1 child that has children that has many children, and I need a way to find all them kids and kill em.

Does anyone have any ideas/ways I could do this with some PHP magic?

Please help :down:

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I believe you're describing the Adjacency List Model where recursion is used to handle hierarchies of data. See if this article helps:

The other approach to managing hierachies mentioned in the article is the nested sets model. Thunder has posted a nice model and sample application on the wiki:

There are advantages and disadvantages of using both models.

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That's exactly what I was looking for!!!
Thanks a bunch Big Grin