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Full Version: Way to define $data array for all functions inside a class
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Is there a way so I can predefine a data array? Because in ever function I make I have to define the same data array(like site title, and no I don't want them hard-coded in my script)



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Use a class variable:

class Some_controller extends Controller {

    var $default_data = array('title' => 'some title', 'color' => 'red');

     function Some_controller()

Or setup a custom config file:

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pistolPete sounds right on. I was doing the same data preparation for certain header data across multiple classes, and I ended up writing a helper function for it called header_prep(). When I call the header, I simply use array_merge:

$this->load->view('header', array_merge(header_prep(), 'page_title' => 'My Page'));

This wouldn't apply to static data in a single class, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.