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I'm trying to decided what to do with my content (plain text). Should I have it read off a database, an xml file or just stored in an array?

What's the most function solution?

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I store mine in a DB for ease of control, and it gives me one method to call it. I find this easier.

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What structure do you use? I don't want to have a different table for every page?

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Sry for late reply been away.
I use one row for each page content and select by id so one id and TEXT field.And then call the id for which ever page is required

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I put all my page content into a database table named "pages" and I use a structure similar to this:

page_status (draft or published)

One row for each page. It also helps if you build a nice form for page management. Plain text entry is fine - you can use CI's typograhy helper to make things look nice (only simple stuff of course)

Using the page_url and/or page_id I can call pages either by their id or matching url, like:

This set up works extremely well for both myself and my clients.