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Full Version: email class new line issues [SOLVED]
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Hi there,

I'm trying to make a new line in my email message body, but what used to work in my old procedural PHP script doesnt work in CodeIgniter.

any suggestions? here's my code:

$message = 'Hey ' . $effecteduser->username . ",\n";
                    $message .= $user->username . " wants to add you as a contact. You can view their portfolio here:";
                    $message .= $this->ci->config->item('base_url') . $user->usernameid;
                    $message .= "\n Click here to decide: " . $this->ci->config->item('base_url') . "dashboard";
                    $message .= "\nSee you!";
                    $message .= " \n \n ---------------------------------------------------------------------";
                    $message .= " \n To control what mail gets sent to you from us you can manage your notifications here: " . $this->ci->config->item('base_url') . "settings/account";

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Are you setting your email to be HTML or plain text? In HTML the "\n" wouldn't appear as expected.

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Use the CodeIgniter Email Class Library.

CodeIgniter Users Guide


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@InsiteFX - I am using the CodeIgniter email class. ie. $this->ci->email->message($message);

@SitesByJoe - Thanks, that was the issue. I needed to change my email config file from

$config['mailtype'] = 'html';
$config['mailtype'] = 'text';