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Full Version: Vunsy, the websites kernel ( Beta phase )
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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
Vunsy system

at first i want to say thanks for all the users on IRC for helping me bout codeigniter and dojo

if you are a website developer then you know the amount of work getting the site components together you have to make a database base minimal structure and

1.users table: holding users information
2.pages table: holding pages names and titles, permissions
3.user groups table: users groups
4.content table: site articles and every components

and you need to get your javascript frameworks and some minimal backend pages.
We take about 20% of overall projects work hours in preperations. If you are tired of that then vunsy is for you.

Vunsy is a very easy CMS that built on a very simple idea like HTML and all the XML languages
every website is consisting of pages every page may have subpages and so
every page has a permissions to determine it's displayable for that user or under any other conditions
every page contain widgets inside widgets , the widget display data and may have cells that can contain another set of widgets and so on.
Every widget may have properties and children , the widget is like a function that takes paramters make a process on them and return an HTML result
vunsy support the idea of applications on the website every application has a JSON defination file and permissions to use


1.dojo, jquery, codeigniter
2.easy pluggable website infrastructure
3.applications for backend easy extendable
4.ajax easy use for both frontend and backend applications
5.easy to use libraries and API
6.datamapper to use ORM concept ( converting mysql into OO)
7.add edit and delete are easy from the frontend
8.package manager to pack your site or install packages
9.a very advanced permission system based ob boolean expressions for example for allow to logged users only permission would be: logged can use search friendly URLs

Change Log:
*edit icon converted into a thin bar for small size in height
*a file multichooser added and document settings upgraded to use it
* .htaccess added to dojo directory (compression and expiring date)
* delete and recycle children added to edit panel

Kernel Page:

Websites built on vunsy:
Masry egyptian sports club

i thought that offering it to the public could be a good thing for it, Rapid development, wide range of plugins and applications, alot of love in code Big Grin

Call for developers

i want developers to help and contribute to vunsy to enlarge it, if we did it , a monster application will be available free for all users ( developers and designers )
contributions are welcome in github repository

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
vunsy now depends on jquery for lightweight buttons in the edit mode,
and a sexy edit panel with smooth slide using jquery, you can download the latest version from github download or from the download button at blog :

i want to know your opinion about it guys

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
i made a bug fix and some API documntation with doxygen, gui refactoring, content enriched with some new features, error and info content are joined now, html can use add function to add the block to head, it's now ready to be used on wide range of websites

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
i've made an upgrade from codeigniter 1.7.1 to the latest codeigniter 1.7.2

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
a lot of upgrades jquery-ui, dm to dmz and ci

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
hey guys, vunsy downloads over 70 download and not even one comment ?
i need help for those who try vunsy ... do you think it will be better with jquery and dojo >>>>> or >>>>> jquery and Extjs ?
i've seen Extjs and it's pixel perfect theme it's owesome but dojo (dijit) a good solid API ? so what should i use ?
and one more question .... what is the most popular ? dojo(dijit) or Extjs ?

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i use jQuery and jQuery-UI for all my UI related stuff, it just marries up so well. Been a long time since i have used ExtJS, and i have never used Dojo.

Also, you shouldn't put javascript inside the head tag, it should go just before the closing body tag. YSlow gives a good reason why, link to yslow website about it: Put Scripts at the Bottom

An snippet from that page:

Quote:The problem caused by scripts is that they block parallel downloads. The HTTP/1.1 specification suggests that browsers download no more than two components in parallel per hostname. If you serve your images from multiple hostnames, you can get more than two downloads to occur in parallel. While a script is downloading, however, the browser won't start any other downloads, even on different hostnames.

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
thanks ray for commenting Big Grin
i'v seen the javascript thing from Yslow .... gave me F :'(
but the problem is : the formal place for javascripts is the head
we all get used on it
if we put it in the body it'll be too complex to separate the main content HTML from it's javascript

i can make a part of the solution Smile
we can add that option to vunsy options if the javascripts at the head or at body end Big Grin
and so we satisfied all the parts ... right ?

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I like it. I've downloaded it and played around with it...seen some errors and such that I know how to correct (write permissions and need more info on what needs to be writable)

I think the big picture of what this system does is missing. I know you explained exactly what this system does, but I think a demo, preferably a video demo, of you going through some of the features and setting up a dummy site would really get the point across about what this system is capable of and a general idea of what it should be used for.

I'm going to keep playing around with it and keep an eye out for updates ;-)

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[eluser]Blaze Boy[/eluser]
thanx NateL, i've made a video demo of how to convert XHTML design into
a presonal website
it's on vimeo you'll find it on
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