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Full Version: Solved: Help, what to do with Freakauth Light & XAMPP PHP5.3
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Want wo work on my journey next days so I've installed XAMPP on my Notebook. Just find one with PHP 5.3. Codeigniter 1.7.2 works fine, but I've used Freakauth Light in my Application.
And there is the problem:
Quote:A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: 8192
Message: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
Filename: helpers/freakauth_light_helper.php
Line Number: 32
A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning
Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\codeigniter\system\application\helpers\freakauth_light_helper.php:32)
Filename: libraries/Db_session.php
Line Number: 249

24> function loadFalExtension()
25> {
26>    $obj =& get_instance();
27>    if ($obj->config->item('FAL_use_extensions'))
28>    {
29>        if (file_exists(APPPATH.'libraries/MyFAL'.EXT) OR    
30>        {
31>            //let's load the core library (i.e. FreakAuth_light.php) extension
32>            $obj->load->library('MyFAL');  
33>            $obj->freakauth_light = & new MyFAL();
34>            log_message('debug', 'MyFAL library loaded');
35>            log_message('debug', 'MyFAL class assigned to $this->CI->freakauth_light');
36>        }
37>        else
38>        {
39>            log_message('debug', 'MyFAL class not found');
40>        }
41>    }

238>    function sess_send_cookie($force = FALSE)
239>    {    
240>        if ( !$force && $this->cookie_sent )    return;
241>        log_message('debug','sending session cookie');
242>        setcookie(
243>                    $this->sess_cookie,
244>                    $this->userdata['session_id'],
245>                    $this->sess_length + $this->now,
246>                    $this->object->config->item('cookie_path'),
247>                    $this->object->config->item('cookie_domain'),
248>                    0
249>                );
250>        $this->cookie_sent = TRUE;
251>    }
So I checked for free space ans end-tags. Did'nt help.
What else could I check or change?
Or does someone has another good question which might me help to see it?

Thank you!!!
Greetings from Hamburg, Jan

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[eluser]Tomas Berglund[/eluser]
Hi Jan,

Try to remove the & reference at
33> $obj->freakauth_light = & new MyFAL();
should be
33> $obj->freakauth_light = new MyFAL();

Not sure but give it a try, worked for me with similar errors.

Best regards
/Tomas Berglund

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Thanks a lot, Tomas!!!
That's it.

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[eluser]Tomas Berglund[/eluser]
I'm glad it worked! :o)