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Full Version: Image Data after manipulation
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Been banging my head about this for a while, and have given up trying all different ways to achieve it.


I have the upload script working, which uploads image to a folder on my server, then all the image data is stored in a table within my database.

What I need is:

The upload script to upload the file - Which I have done
Then I want to resize the image - Which I have done
Now I want to store the new image data to the database which should contain the new image size's but for some reason I am not able to get the new image data, i end up putting the original image data into the database

Is there anyone who can help me please, it will probably be an easy solution but for some reason I am not able to see it yet

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why not use php's native getimagesize() function ?

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If you look down into the source code for the upload/resize libraries in CI you'll find they actually use getimagesize() themselves, so that should give you want you need.