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Full Version: Problem validating array form fields
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I've got a form to which I dynamically add some input fields based on user interaction. These input fields all contain a URL string. Initially, I was naming these fields url[0], url[1], ... and adding a validation rule to a group in my form_validation.php file that looked like this:

array('field' => 'url[]',
'label' => "Price",
'rules' => 'callback_url_check'

This didn't seem to work as I had expected. So I renamed my input fields to url_0, url_1, ... and dynamically added validation rules in my controller like this:

foreach ($url) {
$this->form_validation->set_rules($url, 'URL', 'callback_url_check');

before invoking the validator.

I want the callback to set an error message for the field if validation fails but, according to the validator docs, the call to set_error_message in a callback should look like this:

$this->form_validation->set_message('url_check', 'Invalid URL');

But if I've attached the callback to multiple fields, how does the set_message() function know which one to associate the message with? Is it not valid to share the callback function with multiple form fields?

Obviously what I'm doing isn't working correctly or I wouldn't be posting this :-) I'm pretty new to CI so I'm probably missing something obvious here...

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you need to modify code form_validation class and here is the nice example how to do that

check this thread

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So the only way to do this is to modify the framework!? Ugh.

Are array fields supposed to work? The docs say they do, but I couldn't make it happen with a callback.

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array fields validation works basically probably you have done some mistakes or missed something please check them once again or post your code here