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Full Version: AJAX Image Upload - jQuery
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Can please someone give me a few pointers on how can somebody upload an image with ajax? If it uses jQuery it's better but I think I can replicate it in that library.

Thanks guys!

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use jquery-form - it makes it pretty simple to do that kind of thing.

i can give more code samples if you need

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They basically can't. AJAX, by one definition, refers to the XMLHttpRequest object. That's a different pipe on the Internet tubes. The workaround is to use an iframe.

There's the standard jQuery uploader or, for example.

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[quote author="Crimp" date="1186084542"]
There's the standard jQuery uploader[/quote]
I try to use this script but i get an $_FILES array null.....any one has used it with success? Thank you

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[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Make sure that mod_security is off. Use this in your htaccess:

Quote:SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Ya'll should take a look at jUpload. Its some smelly beefy Java but after you spend a few days wrestling with it, its good fun!

/hug MrEnirO

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I have made a little bit arrangement. See at WIKI for the use of jquery uploader with the CI

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[eluser]ahmad furqon[/eluser]
would you please, give me more brief explanation in your WIKI?

where should i put jqUploader.swf and .fla
in my case, form aint trigerred after i finish browse file to be uploaded, no "upload" button showed up.
i've tried to change the path in jqUploader to point out those files, but seems still failed.

thank you.

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Hey there,

We have just created a jquery'd image upload and crop script with a php backend, take a look:

We used the one-click upload for jquery and it seems to be working great! Full source code and demo provided.



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You can use my ajax upload plugin for jquery and prototype, it allows you to upload multiple files and use any element as upload button.

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@webmotionuk : do you have same script for CI yet?