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Full Version: Initializing arrays
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In most tutorials I don't see people initializing arrays. In other places I hear that it is good practice and can help PHP deal with certain scenarios. Should I be initializing all my arrays?

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[eluser]saidai jagan[/eluser]
Yeah it is a good practice to initialize arrays

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Thanks. It makes sense to me to initialize all variable as well.

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[quote author="trenchard" date="1257286355"]Thanks. It makes sense to me to initialize all variable as well.[/quote]

If nothing else you never again run into those darn PHP errors that refer to referencing an uninitialized variable. It helps for lots of reasons, and it is indeed just a good practice and habit to have. PHP is one of the only languages that even lets you get away with using variables without initializing.

One thing I do not do, however, is go out of my way to initialize everything if I'm going to be using something for the first time and immediately assigning it to a variable. For instance:

$var = $foo + 2 / 1.5;

$temp_var = $var;


In both cases I see no reason to just initialize to be initializing - so don't get too carried away Smile