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Full Version: Using RapidPHP [Editor] with CI in WAMP and LAMP
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not sure this is the right forum, but I give it a try: Does any of you work in a similar environment?

I have a WAMP installation on my WinXP and a LAMP installation on my server. I am using RapidPHP 2010 for my CI project.

Naturally my local system differs slightly from my remote system. For instance my local system would have

$config['base_url'] = "http://localhost/sitefolder";

where my remote system would have

$config['base_url'] = "";

same goes with DB etc.

Now the "Publish to FTP" function is realy neat, but every time I want to use it I have to either select/deselect all files manually or I will overwrite all those little changes on the sever.

Is there are solution to this?

(I was thinking of setting those files to something like 444 on the server - is that the way to go?)