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Full Version: Relationships between Components, Modules and Plugins in mvc
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[eluser]Mahyar Ss[/eluser]
hi friends,

I'm confused!
in simple cms with CI how work Components, Modules and Plugins together!
(Technical relationship between these cases with MVC)

some cms use:
example: joomla

please explain their relationships in an application
With the mentioned technical reasons...

for example: i have saw com_poll in components also mod_poll modules
What is the difference?

i want to learn more about designing pattern and how do I use them for my program
(simple CMS with CI)


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In joomla:
A component is a larger functionality like a gallery
A module can be part of a component, like a module for showing the latest 4 pictures.
A plugin is something that can be used by components or modules (like a PDF plugin)

In CI, there are no components.
If you want to make the comparison, which would be like comparing a chicken with a car:
Joomla Components = CI modules
Joomla Modules = CI helpers
Joomla Plugin = CI plugin

But that comparison is as accurate as shooting the sun with a bb-gun.

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[eluser]Mahyar Ss[/eluser]
Was detailed
Thank you