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Full Version: Localizing the error messages for rules in form_validation library
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I am using the form_validation library, and I want the error messages that are displayed for rules like required, min_value to be dynamically selected from the language file according to the locale.

I can display the localized strings for the rest of the page by using template parser library. But I can't figure out the error messages.

I tried the following too, but it doesn't work. Gives out a lot of errors (required_error is the line in the lang file).

$this->form_validation->set_message("required", $this->lang->line("required_error"));

Can anyone help me out with this?

Thank you!

El Forum

I found a solution for this.

Use the helper provided here.

The extra work includes putting entries in the My_language.php, routes.php and writing the language file.

If you come across any strange characters check the charset attribute of the html header to be utf-8.