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How can I make route that I don't HAVE to use it?

I mean, let's say I have this url:,0

",0" is the page (pagination class).

I want to able the user to go in with out the ",0" (on the first page only). How do I do that?

This is my route:
$route['cat/(:num)-(:any).html,(:num)'] = 'pages/cat/$1/$2/$3';

I want to make the ",(:num)" optional.

Thanks in advance.

El Forum

[eluser]Sean Gates[/eluser]
Try changing it to a regular expression:

$route[‘cat/(\d+)-(.*?).html(,\d+)?’] = ‘pages/cat/$1/$2/$3’;

I just checked what I wrote and it should work for you. Let me know!