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Full Version: 404 Not Found template loads when Tilde (~) is in URL
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I am migrating a web application to a new server. I am attempting to get it set up on the new server before the domain DNS information is changed. So I am using the IP address to access the website. I have updated the paths in the config file accordingly.

But now the 404 Template is loading, so I assume it cannot find the Controller.

The only thing different here is that the URL now contains a tilde (~) character for example:

I also tested this on the original server using the IP version of the URL instead of the domain name and got the same problem.

It seems to me that the tilde breaks something. The tilde is in the allowed URI characters list as per default.

I am running CI 1.7.2.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I noticed that I had changed the uri_protocol in the config file to "REQUEST_URI" as I was attempting to remove the index.php? from the url.

Changing this back to "AUTO" seems to have fixed the problem.

Hopefully at least someone can learn something from this Tongue