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Full Version: [SOLVED] Which one of these libraries use for sessions in CI 1.7.2 ?
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Having trouvles with the CI session library (see this thread) i'm in search of a library that uses the php sessions (unlike "sessions" library of CI that uses cookies).

I was about to use "Native Session" library but I got some troubles for CI 1.7.2 installation.
In the wiki (Here) it's told to copy a file here:
But this directory doesn't exists in my CI installation. Should I create it ?
And the same problem comes when I try to use PHPSession (no init directory)

Have you any solution for me to install one of these libraries ? or should I change for one of those libraries ?

Thanks, bye

EDIT: SOLVED: I had not read enought. The init directory is no longer needed Explained at this page.

Thanks regards