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Full Version: Why doesn't CodeIgniter declare its variables?
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[eluser]Bjørn Børresen[/eluser]
Here's a snippet from CI_Base:

class CI_Base extends CI_Loader {

    function CI_Base()
        // This allows syntax like $this->load->foo() to work
        $this->load =& $this;
        // This allows resources used within controller constructors to work
        global $OBJ;
        $OBJ = $this->load; // Do NOT use a reference.

In the constructor $this->load is set, but why isn't the variable declared?

I'm trying to get auto-completion to work, and declared variables would help.

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[eluser]Sean Gates[/eluser]
You mean for autocompletion in your editor?

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[eluser]Bjørn Børresen[/eluser]
Yes, specifically Zend Studio, or any Eclipse based IDE really...