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Hi.. i am creating a simple CMS for my website..

I used the latest ckeditor..

And i have this problem applying content formatting..

i used this code to change all the formatting even it is paste from word,,

$size = $_post['textsize'];
                  $font = $_post['fontface'];
            $where2 = "iKeywordNo = '".$ikeyno[$x]."' and iUserNo = '".$userid."'";
                $replaced = preg_replace('/([0-9]+px)/', $size.'px', $content[$x]);
                $replaceds = preg_replace('/(font-family:)(.*);/', '$1'.$styles.';', $replaced);

            $data2 = array('vContent' => $replaceds);
            $str2 = $this->db->update_string('tblcontents',$data2, $where2);

but some are beeng deleted...when i looked at the ckeditor.. some words or phrase has been removed..
any idea why this is happening? The content is usually passed from word..