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Sir,Can you please tell me How to Hide the “function name” in “url” in “codeigniter”.

For example the name of my folder I am working on is “VCB_project” when I click the folder I see “http://localhost/VCB_project/ “ and I want to keep this url(http://localhost/VCB_project/) though out the application.

That means when a I click for another application Create A New Account then the url becomes (http://localhost/VCB_project/VCB/New_account) but I do not want to show my Controller Name(VCB) and Function Name(New Account) .

I want to see show http://localhost/VCB_project/ after clicking the
Create A New Account .

Please send me a reply as soon as you get the information.

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[eluser]Yorick Peterse[/eluser]
You can't do this using an .htaccess file as you can't tell the server to use one URL (http://localhost/VCB_project) for multiple URLs (http://localhost/VCB_project/1,http://localhost/VCB_project/2, etc). The only way of doing this would probably be using an iFrame.

On a sidenote, why would you want to do this ? This will reduce the usability with 200%.