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Full Version: Spanish Language for 1.5.4 done
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Hi all,

Since I just started working on codeigniter for a client project in Spanish I decided to update the 1.5.3 Spanish language file that juaxix made.

The 1.5.3 file could be used in 1.5.4, I fixed a couple of typos.
Any thanks should go to juaxix, who did all the work.

Here's the file:

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place to upload these files for central access? Like an add-on repository. Other OS projects (like Lussumo Vanilla) have that, and it's great for fostering collaboration on extending the framework.

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Thank you, matias and juaxix, saved me a lot of time! Smile


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magnifica idea
magnificent idea

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Interesante Big Grin