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We are planning a project called ad igniter (a online ad manager/ad server).

Unlike other open source ad server we have decided to use codeigniter as our framework this will make it much easier for developers to improve and work on our project.

Like I said we are in the planning stages right now and would love input from the community (features, UI,...) .

We are also looking for developers to join this project and make ad igniter grow to a world class open source ad server.

Why do we need this ?

After trying the available selection of free ad servers on some of our high volume sites it was apparent to us that these ad server either where :

using to many resources on our servers to justify using them
did not offer the features we needed
where very complicated to setup or where very old!
delivered ad codes very slowly

We think we can do better with CI and the support from the CI community.
Drop us a post and let us know what you think.

El Forum

To enable social network advertising applications...

it would be useful to provide the native ability to serve ads through deployable widgets (desktop, distributed, facebook application, etc). The adserver would serve ads to the serialized widgets upon request, wherever they might be deployed.

El Forum

Very much looking forward to seeing this. One thing that I am looking for in an ad network is the ability to create campaigns along the lines of "The Deck" and others: day passes, roadblocks etc.

Letting the advertiser log in to upload his images, text is not really a priority—an admin only interface would be just fine for me.