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Full Version: Clearing a config item
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[eluser]Jacob Krustchinsky[/eluser]
Hello everyone,

I am using a config file to store all the settings of a site running off of my CMS. Now my question to you is, what is the quickest and most efficient way of setting a config item to blank from a controller. I want to be able to clear the item and then set the item again, maybe my brain is somewhere else right now but I am having difficulty doing that.

Thank you,

Jacob Krustchinsky

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User guide is your friend.

If you would like to dynamically set a config item or change an existing one, you can so using:
$this->config->set_item('item_name', 'item_value');

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[eluser]Jacob Krustchinsky[/eluser]
I have read through the user guide as if it were a bible. I tried doing this, yet it hasn't worked for me...I'll look back through my code to make sure no errors were made. Thank you for the response..