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Full Version: web page loading issue
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Hello all,

I am new in code igniter. I just developed the website in code igniter, It just to complete now but at this moment i got a new bug in my site. when I click on any link a new page is opened but as all the contents of the page loaded completely but in browser it showing still loading the web page.. and it taking 2 min to stop loading. I don't able to know how this is happening or which of my code is taking time to execute.???

Can anyone help me in the related issue??


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[eluser]Bart v B[/eluser]
Do you have a link that we can look at it.
It sounds like that something like javascript is looping arround.

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Thanks Bart to reply on my issue.

Actually the problem is solved.
The issue is with the session variables.
I am using heavy session for my site and checking session on menu loading page which is including in all sub

This session is taking time to load data and hence a result in displaying loading timer even after the content loaded.