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Full Version: Problem with pagination class and The Authentication Library 1.0.6
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I have a problem with the CI pagination class and the auth library
For the first page all its fine.
I start to click on the number and i have a '404 Page Not Found'

With out the Auth library, all work fine.
With the library -> problem.

I move my page on the auth->pages folder

Like i told up in my message, i see the first 10 rows of my table.

Someone use pagination with Auth Library with out problem ?

Thanks for your help and thanks Adam with this great library Smile

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I find the problem and had 'admin/' in the $config['base_url'] + i change the $this->uri->segment(3)) to $this->uri->segment(4))
404 error is gone

When i click on number, its fine, no error and page change but last problem on the links numbers bar, the number 1 stay select and if i click on the number 2 or 3 for example, the css doesn't change (aka the bold number and the underlign number).

I notice that the <ul> and <li> (open and close tags) for all numbers are not there.

Really strange.
Someone have an idea?

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well Smile
After several tests i find the solution

i have this code:
$data['result'] = $this->etiquettes_model->getData($config['per_page'], $this->uri->segment(4));

i change to this:
i remove '$this->uri->segment(4)'
and add:
$config['uri_segment'] = 4;

and change the result line to:
$data['result'] = $this->etiquettes_model->getData($config['per_page'], $config['uri_segment']);

VoilĂ , all its fine Smile

******* UPDATE *******

Brrrr, not fine now again; the links fine great but the pages does not change