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Full Version: "Web Now" News Feed
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Hey guys, i was wondering if you have nay suggestions of what i should look at if i want to create a "Web now" News feed.

What i mean by that is a news feed that when something is posted it pops up on users main feeds.

Kind of like twitters feed, when your logged in and at the home and page and when you get a new tweet it says that theres a new tweet, except for mine i want it to automatically pop up the new post.

i dont want a tutorial guide or anything really i just wanted suggestions on what i should look at to create a feed of this sort.

Thanks in Advance

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[eluser]Rob Gordijn[/eluser]
maybe you can do some checking with an ajax call for newer items then the current time...
some interval on it, when you got a hit, load it and insert it into the page with some Jquery :-)

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ok thanks man