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Full Version: How can I Convert an Html Page for use.
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I have an html website with images/css and jquery currently running.

I tried pasting the html code in the view page, the page displays, but no formating (css) or images.

My guess is I dont have the assets in the right place or I am not referencing them correctly.

Would some kind soul point me in the right direction please?

Thank You.

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Got it:

Just remember that your .htaccess must not redirect those requests for the assets to CI.

Do not put the assets in the system or application directory (you may want to move system and application out of the webroot or rename them).

Put them in a separate dir next to index.php, and use base_url() + ‘dirname/file.png’ to get the address.

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Welcome to CI Gazzooks. Glad you got that sorted.