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Full Version: Help with long SQL query
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Hi, this query is for a poll system on the site that I remade:
$sql = "SELECT v.answer_id, COUNT( AS NumVotes, a.answer FROM poll_votes v, poll_answers a WHERE v.poll_id='".$poll_id."' AND = v.answer_id GROUP BY a.answer ORDER BY NumVotes DESC";
Can someone tell me if it's possible to convert this query in CodeIgniter's ActiveRecord queries? Or will it be better to run that query with the regular query function?:


El Forum

Something like:
$this->db->select('v.answer_id, a.answer');
$this->db->select('COUNT( AS NumVotes', FALSE);
$this->db->join('poll_answers a', ' = v.answer_id');
$this->db->where('v.poll_id', $poll_id);
$this->db->order_by('NumVotes', 'DESC');
$query = $this->db->get('poll_votes v');

Shouldn't be to difficult, after reading the AR section in the manual...

El Forum

Thanks I appreciate your help :-)