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Full Version: debug_backtrace .. and memory consumption
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hello people,

i was wondering if anyone knows how much overhead could i cause my code once i call debug_backtrace() each time a function is called, i would like to know the name of the function called for some reason in my code, and i found no alternative than called debug_backgrace() and getting the function name from the array e.g.

$functionName = debug_backtrace();
        echo $functionName['0']['function'];

i'm thinking about using the profiler later on, but for now i wanted to get a professional opinion about the matter, and if there is a better alternative that i could use.

thank you very much,


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Check out PHP Magic Constants...

El Forum

yes thank you, i forgot to mention that after half an hour of posting this yesterday i found out __FUNCTION__ and __CLASS__ .. those two constants gave me what i wanted Big Grin