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Full Version: [SOLVED] IE Sessions + Cart and time zone issues?
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for the past few months I have been running a codeigniter shop with the cart addon for a client.

I've had numerous problems which we're on my behalf

1. characters in shopping cart ( not adding to cart ) *FIXED*

2. underscore in the session table Internet Explorer ( not adding to cart) *FIXED*

but now i'm getting something I have no idea how to approach... I've been getting emails from people in different time zones saying that they can't add anything to the cart... so I raised the time hour by hour on my computer with IE6 and sure enough at 4 hours it will stop adding.

I am currently using the default CI Sessions but i havent read anyone fixing this problem with any plugin. does anyone have an answer to this? I would just let it go but my client gets 15 to 25 emails a day from potential customers so I need to get this done.


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If anyone else has this problem native sessions seem to fix it all

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Look for my post regarding this subject in the bug section.

Issue is that the timeout of the session cookie is calculated as time() + expiration, which is local time of the server. Which is a problem if your user is in another timezone. I've posted a solution where the cookie is crafted using the users timezone (must be set properly).