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Full Version: loading library
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is there a way to know if a library is already loaded.

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You could just check if the variable exists:
if (!isset($this->some_lib)) $this->load->library('some_lib');
As a side note: it is not a problem to load the same library twice. CI will just ignore the second $this->load command.

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Thanks mddd - I was going to ask that very question: what are the consequences (none? slight performance hit? serious performance hit?) of loading a model, library or helper more than once?

E.g. auto-loading it but then loading it again in the controller, or loading a helper in a controller and also in a library loaded by that same controller.

(Obviously in a perfect world you wouldn't load things twice. But my application isn't a perfect world. Not yet, anyway.)

From what you say, this isn't something I should worry about, right?

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Correct. Don't worry about loading stuff twice.

You COULD look at whether you are loading stuff unneccesarily. If you are autoloading things that are only really used in some controllers/methods, you should consider moving the loading to the controller/method to reduce memory use. But that's a different problem.