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Full Version: Wordpress "shortcodes" like library for Codeigniter
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I just made a lib that i want to share here.
This library ( "posts_parser") parse specific code and arguments in string and call a function that replace this string with what you want. Just like Wordpress shortcodes function does.

It's mainly useful for backend posts management, through any WYSIWYG editor.

This library as two files:
"Posts_parser" (the core),
"Tags_functions" (child class, automatically callled by posts_parser, where you write parsing functions).

I decide to use 2 files to separate core and specific site functions, but you can merge them in a single file if you prefer.

syntax handled is like this:
[function arg1="value" arg2="value" ..etc]

In the archive, you'll find a example controller and view that show how the lib works.

Hope it's help.

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Looks interesting. i will share my experience after using this library. Thanks for Sharing.

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That's what I'm looking for. Few days ago I'm install wordpress, add some contact form plug-in and simple short code past in page and boom form is here. I don't like joomla or wordpress I like codeigniter and just start looking for peace of code which can do same.

I didn't test your code but it's look fantastic.

I don't post on forums becouse I don't think my english isn't good and sometimes I don't know how to write something but when I saw that is only one reply for your code I register my account and wrote this.

Thanks for share this nice peace of code with us.

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Bravo.. I have tested and worked like a charm. thanks.

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[eluser]Kevin Phillips[/eluser]
Link goes to an empty page ?

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I am having the same issue.

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Can you upload the file again?

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I can't download. You can upload again. Thanks