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Full Version: Bug or I screw something up with image_lib resizing images in loop?
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Hi, My first message, I've been playing with CI for few months now, and I like it Big Grin
I'm now getting problem, I've searched board, didn't find that thread, so I'll just ask.
I'm having for loop, to resize images (up to 5 images. I'm first creating thumbnail, and then resize original image, all in one circle, and funny thing is first image gets thumbnail and resized, while others don't, they're just uploaded and not resized. For all images I call resize method, in end of for loop I do $this->image_lib->clear(); All values get changed in every circle, I call then $this->image_lib->initialize($config)) (I did print_r($config) and values are correct, different for every circle), but only first image gets thumb, and resized. What's that for bug? any solutions?
ps I'm not new to php, I'm almost 7 years in this language, and I'm doubt here on bug...
Sorry for bad english, cya Smile