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Full Version: Using Controller variables in library
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Hello CI Community,

i think the title says everything. I have a array in my Controller called $data['userdata']. Now i have a user library and i want to use the data from this array too, because its data from the database and this way i will need only one query for all views/libraries.
I tried it with $this->CI->data['userdata'] - But that gave me an error.

Thats the way i load the data into the array.
foreach($this->db_user->get_userdata() as $row => $value){
                $this->data['userdata'][$row] = $value;

Are there any suggestions ?


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Can anyone help me with this ?

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[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Maybe I am misunderstanding, but this seems kind of backwards to me. In most cases, when you have built a user library, you would use the library to retrieve data and pass it off to the controller - not the other way around.

Regardless, you can just pass it as a parameter to the method within your library.