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Full Version: Output generated html code before end of script execution
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Is it possible to output the so far generated html code with CodeIgniter? When I load a slow script now I don't see anything in my browser until the script is completely done.

For example take the default controller:
function index()
    // Code to output all the html generated above
    echo("script is done loading");

How do I make sure my browser already gets to see the welcome message before the 10 second sleep kicks in?

Is it even possible?

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And read up on php's native buffering functions.

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Thanks. But I actually have read that but I still don't get how to send the entire buffer to the browser. I also tried all of the following but none of them worked:

Can anyone give me some clarification on this subject, as I really don't know where to start looking.

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It makes sense to post your code.