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Full Version: Navigation - highlight current menu tab
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Hi all,

With the CI, how can I highlight the current menu tab??

Just like the CI home page.

Is there any easy way to do it with CI, or just code as the normal way?


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[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
you could use $this->uri->segment(1) to get the name of the controller, and change styles based on that...

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Hi Zaatar,

I am still not quite sure``
could u provide a example please?

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$this->uri->segment(1) will get you the current controller name ..

for eg:

url = https://localhost/backup/listing

$this->uri->segment(1) will return u the value 'backup' ..
highlight this 'backup' module use the 1st segment of ur url ..
but i believe there's a better way using CSS ??