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Hello there! These are new forums! Very nice. I had an account on the old forums but I cannot find my credentials. Pity.

I wanted to share Unmark with everyone. It is an open source to-do application for storing bookmarks. It is built on top of CodeIgniter and we're pretty happy with it. It just so happens to be one of the more popular PHP repositories on GitHub and it was trending at #1 at one point. ;-) -- GitHub Repo - Hosted service

Hope you all enjoy it.

Colin Devroe
You couldnt find your credentials, because this is a new forum from scratch.

Wow! Very nice done. Thank you for sharing your application with us. The code base looks well done with nice ideas.
nice looking app
I wanted to come back into this thread to say that Unmark is coming back. It was gone from the hosted version but is coming back. The open source version is here: - It will be upgraded to 3.x this week (trying and failing currently) and to 4.x when that is released.