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Full Version: how can I load two smileys table in one function...?[solved]
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when I load the Library Smiles in a one function, on the views option, the second smileys come into the first smiley
here my function...
function news($key = NULL){

        $image_array = get_clickable_smileys(base_url().'includes/images/emoticons', 'comment');
        $col_array = $this->table->make_columns($image_array, 4);
        $data['smiley_table'] = $this->table->generate($col_array);

        $image_array2 = get_clickable_smileys(base_url().'includes/images/emoticons', 'pesan');
        $col_array2 = $this->table->make_columns($image_array2, 4);
        $data['smiley_table2'] = $this->table->generate($col_array2);

    $this->load->view('public_home', $data);


El Forum

You need to clear the table data before creating the second column!



El Forum

work like a charm...
I just noticed, it said in user guide...
Next time I would have more carefully read the user guide ...