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Full Version: How do Codeigniter drivers work in 2.0?
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I am really eager to use Codeigniter drivers in my current auth project to make it extendable, however I am confused as to how they work. Are Codeigniter drivers much like abstract classes that define functions that my child drivers must implement?

It sure seems as though drivers are nothing more than libraries that allow you to include sub libraries and if that is the case, it hardly seems like a driver based system and more of a slightly better library system.

Let me put this into perspective:

In my auth library if I were to implement functions that the auth library needs, so logging in, registering, logging out, user creation, etc - how would I use Codeigniter drivers to allow child drivers like a Twitter auth driver which would have logic to log a user in via Twitter as opposed to the default auth method?

Anyone at EllisLab or the Reactor dev team care to weigh in how I would do this / point me in the right direction?

I would gratefully appreciate it.