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Full Version: Problem jQuery in CI 2.0
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I'm using CI 1.7.2 then the alert on the following script is running normally or perform. and if I use CI 2.0 on the same script then alert ('test') does not appear.

    jQuery('#action').click(function() {
        var myurl = "http://<?php echo $this->config->item('sms_server');?>/test.php?jsoncallback=?";
        var connection_error = true;

        var arr_hp='';
        var arr_message='';

            type : "POST",
            url : "<?=site_url();?>test_list",
            data : "action=do",
            dataType: "json",
            success : function(data){



how to solve this problem ?

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[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
You are using POST so check and see if you have CSRF protection turned on. And if you do then you need to add it to the post params:
data : "action=do&ci;_csrf_token="+$.cookie("ci_csrf_token"),

That is using the jquery cookie library.

If that is not the case then use firebug and see what your responses are.

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thanks for replying my post.

if $ config ['csrf_protection'] = FALSE; this problem SOLVED.

but if I am use with setting:

$ config ['csrf_protection'] = TRUE;
$ config ['csrf_token_name'] = 'csrf_test_name';
$ config ['csrf_cookie_name'] = 'csrf_cookie_name';

and if I click echo '<input type="button" value="Resend" id="action"> id="action">' and I do not use form_open then the problem is not resolved.

please how to solved this problem?

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[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
CSRF expects you to pass the cookie data on any post. So like I said you will have to manually add the cookie to the ajax call.

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whether the value of csrf_token_name in the hidden text will keep its value forever ?

<div class="hidden">
&lt;input type="hidden" name="csrf_token_name" value="123456789abcabcabc" /&gt;

        if ($CI->config->item('csrf_protection') === TRUE)
            $hidden[$CI->security->csrf_token_name] = $CI->security->csrf_hash;

please enlightenment about the value csrf_token_name ??

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this problem solved with using cookies.

thank you very muach mr. Eric Barnes.

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I have the same problem but I don't understand how to resolved that.

Can you help me ?

My javascript is :

$.post("create-account", { name: "John", pass: "test" },
   function(data) {
     alert("Data Loaded: " + data);

and the Php
echo 'data received';

The Php is called and executed but, I can not get the response in my javascript

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hello, I am having the problem too:

wrap.load(project_url + 'lt/adminuzsakovai/show-company-activity',
                    companyID: $(':hidden[name=imones_id]').val(),
                   // csrf_token_name: "action=do&ci;_csrf_token="+$.cookie("ci_csrf_token")
                    csrf_token_name: $(':hidden[name=csrf_test_name]').val()

I am selecting the csrf_token_name from the form which is generated using form_open(). But when I post this value, I cannot access the function, get an error:

"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://localhost/autoloadsSVN/lt/adminuzsakovai/show-company-activity"

when I go to this page using browsers adrres bar then I can acces that url. If I disable csrd protection, then it also works.

Why is it not working even when I post the csrf_token_name ?

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I don't understand about csrf_token_name because I use CI 2.0 and, as far as I know, CI 2.0 made no such cookie. The cookie was csrf_test_name. Here's an example from my work:

echo "$.post('".site_url()."/siplhp/welcome', 'name=michael&csrf;_test_name=".$this->input->cookie('csrf_test_name')."', function(data) {alert(data)});";

if ($this->input->is_ajax_request())
    // If it's a AJAX request
    echo "Your name is '".$this->input->post('name')."'";
    // Otherwise...

Remember, CodeIgniter (CSRF in this case) always expect $this->input->post('csrf_test_name') in every POST data.