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Full Version: Global Search and Translate - Dynamic or Static
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Greeting Codeigniters!

I am using codeigniter for a massive site with 12 subdomains. Translate is using CI language libraries and today my programmer told me two things that I don't think are true.

I need GLOBAL search and translate.
1. Global search should be function so that on any subdomain if I type Apple, it finds all records with Apple in it on any of the subdomains.

2. Global translate should be that the translate setup in main site is transferable so that when am on help, shop, etc. and choose a language, it translates all the contents on that pages.

My programmer says both of these are not possible and that codeigniter is limited in its capabilities. He says that translate is static and not dynamic. I disagree, I think codeigniter is quite powerful and can do this. Please educate me.

Thanks for your prompt attention.