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Full Version: cannot access query results in view: Message: Undefined variable
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Hey all,

when home/index page is loaded, this method is called:

public function index(){
            $home = new Home();
            $query_results = $home->find('all'); //I would rather use static method, like Home::find but if I define a static method in model, then I can't access $this property in it, therefore forgoing the built in active record pattern.
               $defaults = array('head' => 'Welcome to HM Law Group', 'subhead' => 'The attorney who meets your expectations');
            $result = array_merge($defaults,$query_results);
            $this->template->render_content('template', '/homes/index', $result);

This method is called in model:

public function find($param){
            if(is_null($param) || $param === 'all'){
                $resources = $this->db->get('homes');  
                 return $resources->result();  
            return null;

So result() returns an array of objects translated from field names. So I presume I can now access the property like $row->title.

I also have this autoloaded template class:

public function __get($name){
        return isset($this->_data[$name]) ? $this->_data[$name] : NULL;

    public function __set($name, $value){
        $this->_data[$name] = $value;

    function set($name, $value){
        $this->template_data[$name] = $value;

    function render_content($template = '', $view = '' , $data = array(), $return = FALSE){              
        $this->CI = get_instance();  

        $this->title = "Default Title";  
        $this->subtitle = "Default Subtitle";
        $this->_data = array_merge($this->_data, $data);
        $this->set('yield', $this->CI->load->view($view, $this->_data, TRUE));    
        $this->set('nav_list', array('Home', 'Photos', 'About', 'Contact'));

        return $this->CI->load->view($template, $this->template_data, $return);

But when I try to access the objects in view, I get undefined variable:

<h1>&lt;?php echo $head; ?&gt;</h1>
<h2>&lt;?php echo $subhead; ?&gt;</h2>

    foreach($_data as $row){
        echo $row->title;
           echo $row->description;
           echo $row->link;

alhough I am able to access $head and $subhead, which contained hard coded values declared in controller.

I am not sure how I can access my database results in view.

Thanks for response.

El Forum

This fix for this was assigning the object that resulted from result() in an associative array of an array object:

$data = $home->find('all');
$options['records'] = $data;

At that point, the associatve array become available as a variable in view and that variable held an object of key/value pairs from the query, so foreach can be used to iterate through the objects indexed in the array (e.g. $row->title).