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Full Version: Dan's SimpleTags: Keyed data-array not working
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Hi guys,

In the readme of Dan Horrigan's SimpleTags library it is mentioned that data from the data-array can be fetched as such: {foo:bar} .. However in my tests I wasn't able to achieve this behaviour.

Consider the following code:

$data['foo']['bar'] = 'Test value 1';
$data['foobar'] = 'Test value 2';

$content = '{foo:bar} {foobar}';

$parsed = $this->tags->parse($content, $data);

This produces "{foo:bar} Test value 2", in other words, the first tag {foo:bar} is not being parsed correctly. I wasn't able to debug everything entirely, but I did found that the function '_parse_data_single', which is supposed to take care of these kind of tags, is never called.

Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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[eluser]Mr. Pickle[/eluser]
I've never used this library but I think the set_trigger function wants you to set the trigger.
So it will probably be:


Again, this is a quick reply I don't have the time yet to test it.