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Full Version: Loading a Library with a different Name doesn't work
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Hello there,
my Problem is pretty simple:

I have written my own Form Class and I sometimes need more than one instance of it, with a different name.

This is working.

$this->load->library("MY_Form", "", "my_form2");
This is not.

It worked fine before Codeigniter 2.0 and now I get "Message: Undefined property: User::$my_form2".
Maybe I'm just too stupid to properly read the documentation, but I don't see a mistake on my side.

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Libraries are loaded as singletons, they're not supported to support multiple instances. If you want that, simply use "new Libraryname();". Loading it again won't work, it will just return the already loaded instance.

Are you using some kind of modular solution? Because your second code block should work without problems.

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The Lib loading is singleton? Well good to know. Smile

But like I said, that Code worked before 2.0.
And even if it's just returning another instance with a different name, this should still work, right?

I'm not using anything special that I'm aware of.
The Form Library is a normal Class that extends another Library Class.

Thanks for the tip with "new" anyway, because this works:
$this->my_form2 = new MY_Form();