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Full Version: Deploying and managing your projects
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Hi There,

This post is gonna be a bit commerical and a bit informal Smile

For a while now i'm using "Springloops" for all my versioning and deployment.
I've tried the beta with some of my major customers and eventough the ticketing system can even be a bit better they like it. Especially the "milestones". For me ofcourse the versioning and deployment are a releave. Especially the deployments.

I've always struggled with deployments between development / staging and production environments, but since i'm using Springloops live has become a lot easier. I'm not saying Springloop is the cure for all.. but it sure helps a lot.

Maybe it's something for you as well.? I'm not gonna lie to you for everybody who signups up with one of there plans i get a discount on my next monthly subscription, however there's something in it for you too.

If you use the below url you get a 28 days trial instead of 14days.. 28 days still doesn't seem like a long period but i'm sure you like it and get the hang of it within the 28 days.

If you'd like to try it. Use this url:
Kind regards