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Full Version: passing variables to lang file
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I must be missing something here. I'm trying to pass a variable to a lang file using
$msg_data = 'put something here';
$data['message'] = $this->lang->line('my_lang-test', $msg_data);
$this->load->view('test/test-lang', $data);

//my_lang file
$lang['my_lang-test'] = 'This is my data = %s';

echo $message;

But this is what I get :
This is my data = %s

What do I need to do to pass the $msg_data to the lang file?

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The language library only fetches the argument string from your language file. It only passes one argument not two. If you are wanting to do argument swapping, you want to use [url=""]sprintf()[/url] to echo in your view.

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Thanks pickupman, got it working.

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Hi, I was asking myself the same question but regarding to anchors.

Before adding internationalization to my web I had the following string:

" called <strong>&lt;?php echo anchor('', 'CNN'); ?&gt;</strong>.  It's a..."

Now it won't work when included into:

$lang['home_dilemma_intro'] = " called <strong>&lt;?php echo anchor('', 'CNN'); ?&gt;</strong>.  It's a...";

Thanks in advanced,