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Full Version: A professional question from professionals
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[eluser]Yahya Kazemi[/eluser]
Hi everybody.

Thanks in advance for consulting.
I'm making a CMS by CI and i have a problem for adding module to that.
For making my CMS modular i want to add a folder with name of Modules in application path and then, i can make my modules in an independent CI and after that copy and paste it's Controllers,Models,Views,... in modules folder that i said before.

My problem is that,how can i do this?

I read about Third_Party in CI 2, but it has no result.

please if you do like this, help me.

Thanks by the way

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I believe this is what you want:

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[eluser]Yahya Kazemi[/eluser]
Thanks darrentaytay.

I read the link you sent and resolve my problem approximately.

I have another request too, can you help me to create It's widgets too.

My CMS have to have a good widget adding system like modules.

Do I have to extend modules adding system for widgets or there is better way?

Thanks again.

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Have a look at this thread: