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Full Version: ferrotube and forge industries is floating roof drains,loading arms,api coupler company.
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Top loading arm are available in many configurations, sizes and MOC as per customers requirements. Standard size is 3” and other available sizes are 2”, 4” and 6”.

Standard Top loading arm are spring balanced either by a Torsion spring unit or a compression spring unit. Vacuum breaker and locking arrangements, such as Filling position lock and Parking position lock are also provided in our standard design.

Inlet/ base flange is WNRF, 150# as per ANSI B16.5. Other intermediate flanges are either TTMA or SORF, 150# as per ANSI B16.5

Several additional components can also be provided with our loading arms which are ‘optional’. These are heavy duty ball valve at Inlet, light duty ball valve at Drop tube, T- Deflectors, Position sensor, Overspill sensor, Vapor recovery attachment etc.

Ferro Tube offers a wide range of Jumper assemblies for Floating Roof Storage Tanks. Swivel joints are specially designed, compatible with the stored product and permanently lubricated for submerged application. Each assembly is hydro tested at a pressure of15 kg/cm² (g) before dispatch.

Available sizes are 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”. Standard rating is 150#/ Sch 40.